Find Planet 9

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There has been much speculation about a mysterious 9th planetary body in our solar system. Estimates of an exceptionally large and highly elliptical orbit of around 10,000–20,000 years meaning it might be between 200 - 600 times further away from the sun than the earth!

Planet Nine animation

Details about the possible super-earth sized planet planet are still just hypotheses, but much time has been spent surveying the local system to try and find it. Now citizen scientists can also help by analysing the surveyed images, identifying potential candidates.

To get involved check out Zooniverse’s Planet 9, another citizen science project run by

I have been analysing some images tonight and it isn’t proving too difficult at all. I’ve previously taken part in some of the other Zooniverse projects which could be tricky but here checking for colour details simplifies the process. It’s really simple and fast to get going so there’s no reason not to give it a go :)

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