Finally Finished System Shock

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System Shock the game, released in 1994 and much played by a then 14 year old has been cracked…finally.

It’s only taken me 25 years to finish it but the deed has been done.

I remembered this game vividly from when I was that 14 year old. First-person shooters were relatively new and thin on the ground yet this had puzzles and a dark sci-fi world that sucked you in. Oh and the elevator music.

I was excited when I saw it on STEAM after all this time and I have thoroughly enjoyed playing it again. I got hooked on some of the music from level 6 so much that I made a little track with it. It’s still going round in my head like the magic roundabout (UK people will know what I mean).

As standard with my music, it’s not finished and there’s an abrubt end, maybe I’ll get back to fixing that some time.

I’m off to play System Shock 2…

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