Electronics: Engineer of the People

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There hasn’t been much time recently to keep up with my electronics learning. Finding a game that involved learning about the topic seemed like a good way to do this so I had a look on-line. I came across this interesting game ‘Engineer of the People’ which presents some puzzles in which you have to build some low level electronics.

It’s quite old (I think)and the instructions don’t work, but there is a video on Youtube where you can see them. It’s also pretty difficult unless you know your stuff, which as beginner I don’t. I also found some walk-through videos on Youtube too to help me get started and to reference when I get stuck.

Anyway, I think it’s great and very useful way of learning how to use things like NPN and PNP transistors to build gates, oscillators, latches and more.

Building oscillators
Building oscillators

Have a go, or if you know any more apps like this please leave a comment :)

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