Science: The Most Unknown

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I came across the documentary film ‘The Most Unkown’ on Netflix tonight and really enjoyed it. I don’t rate Netflix much for documentaries, the amount of UFO and paranormal shite on there says it all really. Similar to Amazon Prime also to be fair.


The film starts off with a micro-biologist who explains a little about her chosen field whilst in the thick of the action deep inside a dark cave. She is then sent packing to meet another scientist from a different field in order to learn about what they do and maybe find some commonalities. The second scientist then moves on to a third and so on. The film ends when the last scientist travels to meet our micro-biologist and the chain is complete

Thumbs Up

I found the film quite captivating as it doesn’t spend too long on each scientist and their field, yet we still get to learn about some cool experiments and intriguing facts. My favourite being that you can measure mass, or maybe a build up of it under Yellowstone Park, using a highly accurate clock.

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